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Imagine a perfectly crafted machine.  All the gears, from the tiniest, to the largest, slide together and interconnect with microscopic precision.  As it whirs into motion, you are lulled into its apparently effortless performance, belying its intricacy.

This is sharp editing.  This is Perfect Fit Post.

Who is Perfect Fit Post?

Perfect Fit Post is the freelance video editing business of Brian Sarfatty – an editor with twelve years experience and an international career in broadcast, corporate, and feature.  I am available to work either onsite using your gear, onsite using my portable laptop editing system, or offsite posting approvals online.  My areas of specialty include documentary, reality, factual / educational television, and food.

The Perfect Fit Post Difference:

Perfect Fit Post represents sharp cutting, clear storytelling, style and flair, momentum, optimum quality, and frame accurate edits.  I take ownership and pride in my work for every project.   I am committed to adding value and delivering a product that makes producers and clients ecstatic, no matter what it takes!


My specialization is creative video editing, working onsite or offsite for independent producers and video production companies on a variety of projects – from major TV series to short web marketing videos.

I provide supplemental services such as basic motion graphics, encoding for web and mobile devices, producing/designing/authoring DVDs and Blu-Rays, coordinating duplication, and designing labels and printed packaging materials.

I partner with the best production talent in Chicago, and can connect you with expert producers, cinematographers, directors, sound designers, composers, writers, motion graphics artists, and web/mobile developers.

I teach video editing and video production. I am available to lead private and group tutoring sessions.  As I teach professionally, I already have a structured curriculum, and I am a very patient guide. My curriculum can be adjusted to people requiring a lot of help with the basics or just a few pointers on advanced techniques.


Typically $50/hr, $500/day, and weekly rates based upon multiples thereof.  But I am always negotiable, so please drop me an email with your budget and we’ll see what we can work out!

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