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Creative problem solving, conceptualization, communication, storytelling; Video editing: Avid, Final Cut, Premier; Video encoding; DVD authoring; Graphics: Photoshop, After Effects; Private and group video production tutoring.

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Work Experience

Cut web marketing videos, reality, documentary, and branded entertainment for major brands and coprorates, inluding Fiat, Smuckers, Arm and Hammer, Aon, Affey Tapple, BlueCross BlueShield. Edited web reality series for kids about nutrition. Edited episodes for pop culture series for The Onion’s AV Club. Wrote humorous, educational branched dialog scripts for interactive video iPhone application to teach English to non-native speakers. Edited political videos for teachers’ unions and Democratic candidates.  Edited emotional documentary style videos for non-profit groups.

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Teach TV studio production and video editing courses as part of a 2-year associates degree program.

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Taught courses in video editing, visual storytelling / theory, studio production workshops. Coordinated enrollment and assisted program administration.

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Cut segments for TV shows: Ngāti NRL, about amateur Māori rugby players trying to succeed professionally; Minority Voices, about refugees settling in NZ. Stories followed individuals, relating challenges, shortcomings, successes.

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Edited Māori (NZ indigenous) cultural & current affairs programs for TVNZ (national station) and Māori TV (indigenous station). Waka Huia documentary about traditional tattooing; Kai Time, presenter-based food / cooking show; VT segments for current affairs magazine Marae; Whatukura, men’s topics studio panel discussion show, Māori Party 08 national election campaign broadcasts and ads.

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Edited videos for corporate and government communication – training, magazine-style corporate news, inter-departmental education, HR induction, morale/brand pride, public service education, documenting policy and research. Clients incl tax department, banks, insurance, govt depts / agencies. Built company website.

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Performed copying, technical tasks, format conversion, tape-to-tape editing, quality control with master tapes, worked with 3D HD cinema footage and HDCAM-SR decks.

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Editing, encoding, format conversion, authoring / scripting, quality control of audio / visual media for DVD, broadcast, and web/interactive media. Prepared, mastered, and uploaded TV commercials, music videos, and TV show episodes. Produced TV show compilation DVDs. Designed interactive graphics for DVD menus and designed packaging. Encoded multi-lingual A/V materials for servers for museums and tourist attractions.

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Assisted production of videos and new media for corporate meetings, sales/promotion, to communicate products, accomplishments, strategy, values, culture. Brands include – Sears, Spectrum Brands (Rayovac), Morgan Stanley, Siemens, Meridian Yachts (Brunswick). Assisted fundraising videos for organizations, incl Jewish United Fund, raised approx $75m USD annually. Booked crew, locations, research. Created multimedia presentations documenting medical research. Captured and logged footage, authored DVDs, laybacks and QC, created motion graphics, edited. Crew hand, boom op, and lighting assist during filming. Set up file-sharing network, automated MPEG-2 encoding, set up Avid DV workstation. Designed DVD labels and packaging. Created websites and interactive media for internal use and for video project clients.

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Mythryn Digital Storytellers

Integrated graphics, audio, copy for multimedia customer service and sales training applications for Accenture. ActionScript coding. Converted copy / graphics between British English and American English versions.

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Assisted research and editing for TV. Sourced archive footage, facts, booked guests and audience. Performed technical editing tasks, operated lights and camera. Programs incl panel discussion on national reading campaign, interview with architect for new skyscraper, artist / museum awards, artist talks.

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Interactive exhibits for museums, distance learning for medical and law schools, fundraising, student recruitment, and PR for communications and engineering schools. Filmed, edited – interviews, events, demonstrations, lectures, conferences. Integrated videos into web applications. HTML / Flash scripting. Operated ENG gear for filming events – vision mixing, camera, lighting, sound. Conducted interactive web graphics production seminar attended by university faculty and staff. Researched technical solutions.

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Freelance / Independent Projects

Through the Window

Wrote, directed, and produced one-act play at high school. Planned budget, managed finances. Coordinated auditions, rehearsal schedule, performance space, cast, set builders, run crew.  Publicity efforts included contacting local newspapers, announcements in school bulletins, big colorful posters, and word of mouth. Obtaining local newspaper coverage and other publicity helped bring in a full house at both performances.

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Mirobox – Corporate Presentation Tools

Custom tool allows corporate clients to build one presentation timeline that includes PowerPoint, MS Word, Excel Charts, images, and DVD-quality video. Developed interface templates, fixed bugs, wrote code, incorporated revisions to meet client needs. Clients incl DHL, Skycity Casino, State Insurance.

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TVC for train-themed café. Met with client to develop concept, write script, coordinate purchase of air time. Planned budget, recruited crew, children & parents to act in video; Performed grip work / rigging during shoot. Scheduled / managed shoot; directed, edited, animated graphics.

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Interactive touch-screen art pieces for gallery exhibition.  Worked with artist, budget planning, technology / compatibility research.

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Database driven Flash website, where users enter wishes via the internet, and a tree “grows” with each additional wish. Collaborated with artists in Netherlands. Involved regular trans-continental phone conferences, working with artists to shape the project to match their creative vision. Designed visuals, wrote dynamic graphics software using SQL and ActionScript. Helped plan live event at gallery exhibition for website launch.

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Geometric 3D animation produced in SoftImage XSI, generated programmatically (VBScript, XML, expressions). Managed publicity, festival submissions, broadcast licensing.


  • 2003 KAFI Silver Award, Kalamazoo MI


Public Screenings:

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Hobbies / Interests

Short story writing, biking, travel, Jewish community, music / record collecting.

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International Travel

Switzerland, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Tonga, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, England, Scotland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Israel, Egypt, Ireland, Russia, Spain, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Austria, Hungary, France, Korea, Australia.

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4-yr Bachelor of Sciences in Television & Film, Certificate in Art and Technology, GPA 3.5

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TV production seminars conducted by BBC instructors / internship with BBC production department.

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