In September 2011, I began teaching as an adjunct instructor in the Broadcast department at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy. Students participate in an intensive, two-year associates degree program that incorporates field production, studio production, and video editing. The program is hands-on, with students operating camera, lights, editing software, and dealing with production planning from the very start of the semester. I presently teach a TV studio production class and an Avid postproduction class. All of the faculty are experienced professionals, and many are adjuncts who are presently working in the industry. After having taught elsewhere, and from my own college experience, I think Flashpoint offers a truly wonderful program. Students aren’t learning from academics, but from professionals who know what it takes to survive. The facilities are top notch, and expectations are very high.

For their final TV studio projects, the students produce a fifteen minute show that includes an interview, a how-to segment, and a musical performance. All material is shot by the students in a mutlicamera studio environment, with live switching and no post work. Students are responsible for coming up with a show theme, finding guests, developing the concept, and creating all graphics. Below are a couple of final projects from last semester. Remember, these students had absolutely no production experience whatsoever before the semester began. I am very proud of their work!

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