Campus Special

This video was produced and filmed by Nic and Dan at Bitter Jester Creative for Campus Special, a marketing company that specializes in print and electronic coupons on college campuses.  Every summer, the company hires student sales interns who canvas their local businesses to build their school coupon books. Each student is supported by a mentor to guide them through being a successful salesperson.  Before beginning their internship, the students attend a training seminar, which is what was filmed for this video.  Students who completed the program return as mentors for the incoming recruits. The video serves two purposes—to recruit students as new interns, and to attract investors. I edited the video, selected music, and created the graphics.

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Opinions at Osteopathic Conference

OMED is an annual conference for osteopathic physicians. In 2011, the conference was held in Orlando. Videos were shot by Patrick Sinco from The DO internet trade magazine. Raw footage was sent from the cameraman in Florida to me in Chicago via the internet, and uploaded/posted overnight. Truly the beginning of the “cloud” remote editing workflow. These “Man on the Street” style interviews capture the opinions of conference goes towards hot topics in the osteopathic field.

OMED 2011: ‘Meaningful use’ from TheDO on Vimeo.

OMED 2011: Work-life balance from TheDO on Vimeo.

OMED 2011: Would you encourage your kids to become physicians? from TheDO on Vimeo.

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Gordona Merryweather’s Exercise Videos for Pregnant Women

Some very strange videos I edited for Ravi Batista…

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AV Club’s Pop Pilgrims

Check out the latest videos I helped edit for the peeps at Picture Show (after the Fiat commercial):

Eugene: The Five Easy Pieces diner

Seattle: Fantagraphics Comics 

Seattle: Kurt Cobain Park

Austin: We’re gonna need you to go ahead and visit the Office Space building

Austin: The Texas Chain Saw… family restaurant?

New Orleans: Preservation Hall – Keeping the history of jazz alive

New Orleans: We visit locations from David “The Wire” Simon’s jazz-heavy HBO series Treme

Memphis: Sun Studio – Home to Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis

Memphis: Arcade Restaurant – Set of Jim Jarmusch’s Mystery Train

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Seeking Creative Breakthrough at One State

One State Together in the Arts is a the annual conference that brings together individuals and organizations across the arts and across Illinois to discuss issues and build new collaborative connections. This year’s conference was held May 23-24th in Bloomington Illinois. I was hired by Intention Design to assemble the conference videos, and cut together the following “man on the street” interview segment of what attendees got out of the conference:

If this video sparks your interest, please check out the rest of the conference videos to hear some really engaging presentations from renown artists and creative thinkers. And consider attending the next conference!

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Teaching at CANTV

CANTV is Chicago’s community cable access station, where city residents can produce their own TV shows. Between September 2010 and April 2011, I taught courses in video editing, visual storytelling / theory, camera, lighting, and studio production.  Of these courses, the most rewarding, and the most challenging class to teach was studio production.  Over the course of 4 intensive full-day weekend sessions, students learn all aspects of production, both technical and aesthetic, from pre-production, to lighting, sound, and camera, to control room operation including the switcher, sound board, CG keyer, and teleprompter.  Most of the students are adults, many from mission based community groups, and represent a very diverse cross-section of Chicago’s socio-economic spectrum.  Some are very technically savy, and some have never used a computer before.

All the best to the future ielts candidates
Tour of Artist Matt Lamb’s Farm

May 5th, 2011 was the grand opening of the new Museum of Private Art Collections Salvador Dali and Matt Lamb at the River East Arts Center in Chicago.  As part of the grand opening celebration, donors and dignitaries from around the world traveled to Chicago to partake in events and tours related to Matt Lamb’s work.  This is the first video in a series of daily video logs, documenting each day’s events.  The videos were produced by Frey Design Productions, under whom I worked on location, data wrangling and cutting the following video:

Using a dual analogue stick to play high-end console games on a tablet
Nike’s Shamrock Shuffle Green River Cruise

Nike Chicago is one of the sponsors for the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8K run. To celebrate, they hosted a boat cruise on the Saturday before St Patrick’s Day: the day they die the Chicago River green. A video was produced to document the event, and I had the opportunity to edit the video. The event and video were produced by MKTG Chicago, and shot by Dan Kullman of Bitter Jester Creative. Thanks also to Josh Tallo at Bitter Jester for coordinating this video!

All in all, a really fun project to be a part of. Next year I must get myself invited onto the boat as well, as it looks like they had a blast. This leads one to ponder the eternal question: they can die the river green for St. Patricks’s Day, why can’t they die it blue for the rest of the year?

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Organization aids Marine Corps families

The Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation aids the families of Marines who were slain in Iraq and Afghanistan by presenting their children with scholarship bonds to help pay for college. The organization recently produced a video to honor the organization’s founder, Pete Haas, and to educate the public on MCLEF’s mission and impact. The video was produced by Bitter Jester Creative and Pratt Marketing, and I had the opportunity to edit the project. It incorporates speeches by widows and Marines from the Chicago Chapter’s annual fundraising dinners, and will be shown as part of an exhibit at the National Museum of the Marine Corps, outside of Washington DC. This is truly a moving tale of how the Corps looks after its own, and finds hope and camaraderie in the face of tragedy.

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School of St. Mary Lake Forest

I recently completed editing of this recruitment and fundraising video for School of St. Mary in Lake Forest, produced by Phil Wnuk of Roark Pirsig & Dobie Advertising, and shot by Towers Productions.

As you can tell from my previous work editing videos for American Federation of Teachers, there is a passionate connection between educators, parents, and children towards education.  Having a good education and a positive learning environment are the most integral factors towards young people’s success in adulthood.

This was my first time working with Phil, a referral from Dan and Nic over at Bitter Jester Creative.  It was a real positive experience collaborating with Phil to shape the story and capture the values, community, and academic success that this school represents.  I look forward to working together on future projects!

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